Car for sale sign - Customized with your phone number - Sell your car or truck fast and easy

      For Sale Signs - draw attention to your car, truck, boat, ATV or ANYTHING that you need to sell. Achieve MAXIMUM visibility and exposure whether you park the vehicle or drive it around. Each For Sale Sign is designed for maximum readability from a distance to HELP YOU SELL your car or truck. Your custom For Sale Sign will draw attention to your vehicle for sale.

      Reasons to use a For Sale Sticker include:
  • Potential buyers notice your car for sale and can read the phone number from a distance
  • No need to pay for expensive advertising
  • Car for sale sign is self-adhesive
  • Sell your car faster
  • Sign made of durable high-quality vinyl
  • Simple to apply to your vehicle
  • Long-lasting
  • High visibility
  • Sharp professional look
  • FREE shipping - Signs are shipped within one business day and arrive in about 3 days
  • Custom sign with large, clear lettering and numbers
      Select the right size and customize with your phone number and other vehicle information. Contact us for custom sizes. Get your own For Sale Sign for your car, truck, boat, ATV, or ANYTHING that you need to sell!

      Your For Sale Sign is a sticker and is suitable for application to any hard, clean surface. Removal is easy and does not leave permanent residue. Your For Sale Sign will not damage glass or paint when removed properly. Instructions for application (and removal) of your vinyl For Sale Sign are provided with your order and are also available on the 'how to apply Sign' FAQ page.

      Need a sign with out a phone number? Try our For Sale Sign. Tired of those never ending salesmen? Get a No Soliciting Sign for your business or residence. Need a sweet decal for your vehicle? Try our Hibiscus Decal.